New Year, Healthier YOU!

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The holiday season is all about spending quality time with family and friends and enjoying moments full of memories, laughter and of course delicious food! From our favorite dishes growing up, to our favorite sweet treats, we look forward to all the deliciousness Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years bring!

Lauren and I learned during our journeys to a healthier lifestyle that trying to stay on track with our nutrition and even working out daily can be a challenge during the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. We quickly realized that moderation is the key when it comes to enjoying all of our favorite meals during the holiday season (specifically Thanksgiving for me, because that is my FAVORITE holiday).

Yes, I still enjoyed my fill of dressing and cranberry sauce, even had a slice of my favorite apple pie, but in the back of my head I knew that after each Holiday that passed, I was going to get right back to making the right choices that aligned with the fitness and nutrition goals I had.

Which after some conversation and planning with my right-hand woman (Lauren), we decided we wanted to take our business a step further in the New Year! Which is why we decided to launch our new 4-week program, NEW YEAR, HEALTHIER YOU!

New Year, Healthier You is a 4-week program designed to help participants get focused and back on track with incorporating healthy, clean nutrition into their daily routine in 2019. We have put together a program that takes the hard work out of getting started and get participants motivated and excited to improve their nutrition in the New Year.

We have teamed up with our friend Brooke Davis, registered nurse, health coach and Founder of Healthier Existence to create a program that provides guidance and support to anyone ready to make a full lifestyle change.

So what do you get during this 4- week program? Well check it out below:

  • PinkSpoon Clean Eating Tip E-book

  • 20% off of PinkSpoon Meals + Free Delivery

  • Private FB Participant Group

  • A chance to win a “Fit and Fabulous” prize basket

  • 1 consultation with Brooke Davis, Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach and Founder of Healthier Existence.

  • 2 webinars with Brooke Davis focused on Clean Eating and Improving Hormone Health

  • 2 Healthier Existence Clean Eating Tip Sheets

All the tools you need to successfully start living a HEALTHIER you in 2019! Interested in joining the program or getting more information? Join our mailing list below and be the first to get notified when enrollment begins! We will have a few Early Bird spots available!

Enrollment begins on January 3rd, 2019

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