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In 2017, we both met at the start of our own personal health and fitness journeys. We both reached a place where we were ready to make some changes to our overall health and nutrition. We had lost our motivation to stay active and make healthy decisions when it came to what we ate on a regular basis.

What started as two women looking to gain control over their body again, turned into two women quickly turning into friends and accountability partners. We bonded over our love for our own transformations and soon our desire and passion for becoming healthy, both mentally and physically, pushed us to want to become more transparent with the ups and downs of our health journey. 

During our transformations, which are still a work in progress, we wanted to emphasize the importance of nutrition during any weight loss or fitness journey, which led us to create PinkSpoon Meal Prep. We created PinkSpoon as a way to provide convenient, health conscious meals to our community, especially for those that want to live a healthier lifestyle, but do not always have the time to prepare meals that are aligned with their goals.

This is why we put the time and effort into creating delicious meals that have our client’s health in mind. Simple meals that use whole, nutritious ingredients. Our goal is to inspire those within our community through our commitment to improving our own health, but also the health of those around us. Which is why PinkSpoon is a meal delivery company that prepares clean meal options that are ready to eat and are delivered right to your door. Although we are still a growing business, we are committed to supporting our clients through their own journeys. 


PinkSpoon Meal Prep is a provider of fresh, clean and healthy pre-prepared meals for any person on the go. Our mission is to provide convenient, clean, nutrient dense meals, all while providing superior customer service to clients who do not want to compromise their health and fitness goals.